Monday, June 11, 2012

Fat girl SliM

Heller friends. Long time since I blogged.  I havent had much to say, I know that doesn't happen often so roll with it! I know that I am not fat enough for this surgery alone. However most of you know that I have battled my weight my entire life.  ANd now comes with that, the infertility and extremely high blood pressure and hormones...its a recipe for disaster. know that there are many mixed opinions about bariatric surgeries. I can personally attest to the fact that keeping a strict diet and maintaining it is NOT easy! So I feel like maybe this will help me kill several birds with one stone. And while I wanted to inform you all that I was doing it, I really don't care what you think! lol. Don't hate the player, hate the game! I go in for surgery tomorrow at 1 so please keep all 170 pounds of me in your prayers! The more cheerleading I have, the more weight I lose, the closer I am to another baby Elliott soon! That is the bottom line. I want a baby so bad I can taste it, and if this provides me with even a hint of a possibility that I will get knocked up...I'm all over it. Besides, I can't have a baby, I may as well be a skinny little ho! jk. At any rate I hope that you all see that I am coming from a place of desperation here and not a place of sheer vanity. I will do whatever necessary to get my little prince or princess here somehow! I appreciate all of your support and kind words! Anybody thats a size negative 1 please keep some clothes for me! ahahahahahahahah!