Sunday, December 4, 2011

Easy, quick and relatively painless... Says who?

When will I ever learn????? Doctors lie! Maybe not knowingly but they lie!

So a year ago I went in for a "pain kinda like menstrual cramps" procedure done by my then male doctor! He dilated my cervix to 4/5 cms and waited...and waited...and waited! While I was writhing in pain, cursing and crying he looked up from between my legs and exclaimed "oh honey, you ain't ever gonna make it thru childbirth"! What????? I shot up like a really mad hornet! With an extremely red, tear-stained face I calmly stated "okay dude. When you let me dilate your penis to 4 or 5 cms and hold it waiting on the radiologist, then we can discuss my pain level, but for now...HURRY UP! I'M DYING HERE! (His nurse dies laughing & said "well that's a first") This should have been my first sign!

OK back to yesterday! I had no idea what to expect, but it sho wasn't what I got! She dilated, and dilated, and dilated before exclaiming to the nurse "lord, this is the tightest cervix I may have ever seen! Maybe this is the problem". Again I was writhing in pain and bawling my eyes out! Holy mother of all earth that was no walk in the park. My cervix is also very tilted to the back, so placement was somewhat difficult. My poor husband appeared completely white and traumatized. She finally got it all set up and shot me up! Yeayyyy right? I was excited until I remembered that I had to do it again today! Insert anxiety attack here....

Today was much better! I relieved my husband of his duties in lieu of having my mother by my side. She sweetly complied, and Steven wasn't offended at all to go to Bass Pro with my father while they waited! How jacked up is this? Yeay, I'm pregnant...and my mother was there for it! Lol while my husband and father shopped for dear (haha) targets and insulated gloves! Hahaha that cracks me up! Mommies are so much more comforting than anybody else...ever!

Long story short, I am facing 10 of the longest days of my life! The good news is that if that truly was the issue, it is easily remedied! All I have to do is save 1 grand next time I wanna get knocked up!

So I came out today and the nurse told me "awe look, this is one of our iui's that worked".

 yeah. i almost fainted!

Have a good week friends!


Laura R. said...

Keeping my fingers (and legs) crossed for you guys! What a Christmas present that would be from Santa!!

DCoker said...

Ok, praying everyday that Santa's bringing a bundle in his you guys ...can't wait to see how you dress your baby!! ha ha

jaimers said...

OMG!! I almost fainted when i saw that pic! I would love nothing more than to come home to a "few" neices and nephews, lol. Love you and praying for your womb every day! xoxo