Thursday, September 13, 2012


So after many months of discouraging news and much prayer, it seems that we have received a VERY LARGE miracle. Steven and I came into some money that we didn't even know existed. We have decided to go ahead with the IVF cycle which will being on the first day of my next cycle. (For those of you that are super nosey, that should be Sept 30 ish if all goes as planned). I will start medications, ultrasounds and blood work for several weeks, and proceed as my body hopefully reacts well. We are still raising funds to cover the other expenses related to getting this baby here, but the lump sum needed has been drastically diminished at this point, making this whole process not seem so insurmountable. I would like to thank all of my great friends and family for their contributions so far. Weather monetary or just supportive phone calls and emails, they have given me renewed hope in humanity. We are extremely excited for this process and praying hard that the little embryo will stick and grow. It's going to be a hard few months, for me as the medications do have many side effects, and for Steven...the lucky recipient of those harsh side effects! LOL. Please keep us in your prayers as we endeavor into the greatest journey of our lives. I know that there is a baby for us and have no choice but to keep a positive attitude and go into this with tons of faith! So do me a favor, please! No talk of "if there is a baby" or "if this works", only "when there is a baby" and "when this works"! Go ahead and plan the shower and monogram everything in sight! haha!

Will y'all still be my friends if I look like this?

Again, thank you so much to all of you who have pushed me through this, kicking and screaming! I can't image doing it without each and every one of you there with me!

Details to follow...


Laura R. said...

That is AMAZING Jess!! So happy for you guys!

Will be keeping our fingers (and legs lol) crossed for you guys!

Thinking of you and Steven often.

H Knight said...

Great news. Xoxo